Our Story

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It all starts with a highchair!

When  Dean was a young child, he and his family picked up pecans. Each night they would bring the pecans home and put them in a dishpan. As soon as Dean’s father would finish farming, he would crack all the pecans with a squirrel cracker that was attached to Dean’s high chair,  one at a time. Then Mrs. Miller would call all her children in to pick out the pecans. Every night  Dean would pick out the pecans with little complaints. One night little Dean grew tired of picking out pecans and exclaimed, “Boy! When I grow up, I am never going to look at another pecan in my life!” Needless to say Dean changed his mind and has introduced his family into a business that now cracks more pecans in one day than his family could crack in a whole season back then. We would like to welcome you to continue the tradition with us! 

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Meet the Millers!

Grandma and Grandpa Miller started this business in 1972 with one pecan cracker, cracking pecans for neighbors and friends. Over the years their little pecan cracking business has expanded into a fun family business selling many different  specialty goodies and gifts. Grandma and Grandpa love their business, and want to welcome you to the “Nut House”!

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Welcome to the farm!

When you come to Miller Pecan Farms you are not only welcomed to our farm, but also into our family. We love to show our customers around our business and farm.  You can enjoy the beautiful country of De Witt, MO when you come visit Miller Pecan Farms. Whether it’s the pecans you come for, or maybe the candy, you’ll enjoy the rolling fields and beautiful country scenery on your way into our farm. You can even take a picture with a 160+ year old pecan tree that’s been struck by lightening twice!  Feel free to ask questions about our business, we love to inform people on the great benefits of pecans.