Pick Up Your Own Pecans

At Miller Pecan Farms we welcome you to pick up your own pecans. We will let you pick up in our pecan grove or on trees around our farm, and you can keep 50% of your pickup, or we will buy back your half. We will crack your pecans for you for a small cost, or you can take them home and crack them yourselves. Happy picking!

Picking up your own pecans FAQ:

What do I need to pick up my own pecans?

  • We suggest warm clothes, gloves, and buckets or bags. Some people like to get on their hands and knees and pick them up the old fashion way, one by one. However, if you’d like to use a pecan picker, which is a handheld stick that grabs the pecans so you can empty it into a bucket, you can purchase them at our store.


When is the best time to pick up pecans?

  • In order for pecans to fall from the trees, we must first have a freeze. This means after the weather has it’s first big freeze you may pick up at any time until they are all gone. Usually you can expect at least six weeks of picking after the first freeze. We will have information on the first freeze and the pecan picking season on our Facebook page, and we will keep you updated there. Or you may call or email with any questions.


What hours may we pick up?

  • Our store is open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm and Sundays 12pm-5pm. However, if you are busy picking we will stay open later to make sure you pick up as long as you can.


How can I schedule a pick up?

  • Simply call us at 660-549-3332 and we will write your name down so we know you’re picking, and we can also show you some of the best trees to pick up under.


If you have any more questions, please email us at millerpecanfarm@gmail.com or call us at 660-549-3332. Thanks!